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Clean Up !

by Angie Ade on 05/08/13

Clean Up!

Do you clean up after your pooch , or just look around first then walk away? It is respectful and also the law that you do.

1# Disease control - There is several common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, cats and humans. Giardia, roundworms, salmonella and E-coli.

2# Flies-flies consume and lay eggs in feces. These same fly hang out on your food and counters, well you dont want to eat after flies have been on your food , right? so why make other people when your dog poops in their yard.

3# How about when your late for work, running out to your car and "Oh, no I just stepped in poo" well why do it to other people.

4# if in your own yard you still have the 3 problems up above, yet now you may have the problem of stool eating and can become a habit  especially in younger dogs, lovely and you accept a kiss from that mouth , ewwww...

5# It's the LAW and can result in a $75-$500 dollar fine, so think about it before you leave your pet waste in your own yard or others, be respectful of eachother and CLEAN THAT WASTE !  

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1. Julie said on 5/8/13 - 06:54PM
Thanks , this is great, I love your blogs.. So cool this article because people can be really inconsiderate to others :(
2. Tina said on 5/8/13 - 06:59PM
love this ! my dog got gardia walking in the grass, and I myself stepped in some getting in my car, not for a good day.
3. Mohamed said on 5/8/13 - 07:02PM
Great artical. thank you

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Dewey and his great transformation in 2 months and many pain staking hours and help with a fellow trainer Latty..... You can see this fur baby is very stressed out in the beginning, licking, looking side eye and ready to attack because of insecurity and now we are BFF'S! Im so excited ! Dec-Feb 2013 official rehabilitation worked :)
Great Job Dewey !
What dog's want ? They want a stable, patient , loving,  Pack Leader with rules and discipline,  exercise and affection ! Ask your dog ... Just saying lol
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