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Clean Up !

by Angie Ade on 05/08/13

Clean Up!

Do you clean up after your pooch , or just look around first then walk away? It is respectful and also the law that you do.

1# Disease control - There is several common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, cats and humans. Giardia, roundworms, salmonella and E-coli.

2# Flies-flies consume and lay eggs in feces. These same fly hang out on your food and counters, well you dont want to eat after flies have been on your food , right? so why make other people when your dog poops in their yard.

3# How about when your late for work, running out to your car and "Oh, no I just stepped in poo" well why do it to other people.

4# if in your own yard you still have the 3 problems up above, yet now you may have the problem of stool eating and can become a habit  especially in younger dogs, lovely and you accept a kiss from that mouth , ewwww...

5# It's the LAW and can result in a $75-$500 dollar fine, so think about it before you leave your pet waste in your own yard or others, be respectful of eachother and CLEAN THAT WASTE !  

Comments (3)

1. Julie said on 5/8/13 - 06:54PM
Thanks , this is great, I love your blogs.. So cool this article because people can be really inconsiderate to others :(
2. Tina said on 5/8/13 - 06:59PM
love this ! my dog got gardia walking in the grass, and I myself stepped in some getting in my car, not for a good day.
3. Mohamed said on 5/8/13 - 07:02PM
Great artical. thank you

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