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Training Should Never Hurt

by Angie Ade on 11/01/14

Im sure a lot of you have seen this picture : What happened to this dog isnt someone disciplined the dog , this is neglecting to take it off and this has been on the dog for quite sometime or the holes would of been all over not just where it has been sitting and also dog was possibly chained up ... Pictures like this get circulated by people who never used a prong , or have did it wrong and upset the dog ....  I dont mind people fighting for what is right and yes that is abusive/neglegence, so fight those principles and not fight to ban these because of a few people who abuse them ... those same people would of used a rope or a chain and had damaged the dog ... It's not the equipment ITS THE PEOPLE USING THEM  !                                  This collar is a little less intimidating , its plastic and works quite well..

Now which one of these would harm your dog ? I bet you say the prong or remote collar, correct?
Well, yes if used improper, of course... but ALL of these can have damaging effects if used incorrectly and out of anger and frustration, even the spray bottle can hurt the eyes if directed straight to the eye on hard spray... Treats can be in abundance that could cause over weight and health risks ... I would like to clarify a lot of misconceptions about the prong and remote, as a trainer going on 9 years, there is so many different equipment that I own and use dependent on individuality of the dog . I have not so far damaged one dog , hurt any dog except the (occasional step on the paw or trip over them and accidentally kick them walking in front of me, these are normal accidents , we ALL do it non intentional , of course ) So now that we have that clear , there has been lots of studies on various types of training equipment and the majority of people are very careful , but there are always going to be those people that use the equipment (unfortunately) the wrong way and spoils it for the rest of us , and that is a lesson , life is like that too ...right? When using various types of equipment a conversation with the equipment and dog needs to be established first in a positive manner ... Always with positive reinforcement and is so necessary to make it fun and positive . When using a prong or a remote there needs to be NO harsh correction and the tearing their heads off or shocking them like it is a taser , that is unnecessary and no equipment should ever strike fear or pain . I use the prong on puppys, little dogs and big dogs and ween them to a different collar .. Big dogs who are aggressive towards skateboards, humans and other dogs in the first week to a month I use a remote collar with very positive out come FYI if you can hear the electricity its the wrong collar and should be the equivalent of a Tens machine called a Basic Remote for basic training, always try on yourself first , start lowest and add strength if dog isn't responding ...... Everything must remain positive, motivating and fun . I still have many clients who have been with me from the beginning and still use me on occasions as pet-sitting when going out of town and I also check up on my clients and their dogs to make sure training is going well. Isis who came to me for attacking other dogs and also for biting people. She wore a Basic Remote collar and a  Cloth Martingale and I use both collars at the same time, correcting with Martingale as I push remote with a no reward marker sound "eeh eeh" "leave It" and treat, pet "good girl" when she is not reacting and focusing on me and weened off remote. Before she would try and attack dogs even through the crate, after 3 days in second week she got paired up with a dog named Winston. Just heard from owners she is doing well, she is going to the park and socializing better with other dogs , YAY! So, please people.... abuse can happen with any equipment and the worst without intent, is the flat collar that can collapse the trachea , the prong is safer because it goes around the trachea instead of sitting on top of it which they have done a study on different equipment from the time a 100 dogs were pups 45 of them came out on autopsy with collapse or injured trachea from flat collars, one with prong possible abuse and some harnesses had caused shoulder issues .... Always pick a trainer who is qualified in many different ways and not just one set of training . I like to start with the basics and then if those dont work, then go from there. Start slow with trust first and foremost , so important to respect the animal first ...
If at anytime a technique bothers a dog , like shaking the can , might excite or extreme fear the first shake instead of detouring the behavior or maybe too sensitive then we go to the next thing in my bag of tricks . So happy training folks , keep your dogs safe, balanced and HAPPY ! Peace Love Angie          

Clean Up !

by Angie Ade on 05/08/13

Clean Up!

Do you clean up after your pooch , or just look around first then walk away? It is respectful and also the law that you do.

1# Disease control - There is several common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, cats and humans. Giardia, roundworms, salmonella and E-coli.

2# Flies-flies consume and lay eggs in feces. These same fly hang out on your food and counters, well you dont want to eat after flies have been on your food , right? so why make other people when your dog poops in their yard.

3# How about when your late for work, running out to your car and "Oh, no I just stepped in poo" well why do it to other people.

4# if in your own yard you still have the 3 problems up above, yet now you may have the problem of stool eating and can become a habit  especially in younger dogs, lovely and you accept a kiss from that mouth , ewwww...

5# It's the LAW and can result in a $75-$500 dollar fine, so think about it before you leave your pet waste in your own yard or others, be respectful of eachother and CLEAN THAT WASTE !  

Doggie's Ade Dog Diary

by Angie Ade on 04/10/13

Well, I always am sad when my fur kids leave me : ( Chachi and Howie are receiving a new member to the family. Their mom just found out she is pregnant and will be staying home now . I do suspect those days she isnt feeling so well, Ill be getting a call I'm sure . What a blessing to them and I am very happy for the whole family. Lol, I did tell them raising dogs is like raising kids when we first met and that this is their pratice, ha ha ha didnt know a year later they'd be brininging a little one into the mix, Yay! They are GREAT dog parents, so I'm sure they are going to be great human parents too : ) So as you can see I'm sad BUT happy at the same time , Whoot!

Peace Love AngieWhat? We are getting a new pack member?lol

Stop and Wait , Why Do I Teach This ?

by Angie Ade on 04/08/13

Stop and Wait, Why Do I Teach This?

Hey folks! we all know what it feels like to have a dog bolt on you, right!? Very dangerous, so this is what I do from the get go is teach Stop and Wait. At every door way, stairs, curbs and when people walk by . Door ways it gives a chance to not allow the dog to crowd the door, if they are allowed to crowd the door when people come over or upon leaving, you have just given them the authority that they are leader and can do what they will whenever. This helps allow people to come through the door without jumping and lessens the excitment upon leaving. Some dogs get soooo excited for the walk they cant think ,lol you know how that goes and as soon as your out , they pull, bark at other dogs or just dont listen. Always, always "Stop and Wait" at the door give 3 sec, add time if 90% good and step out first, never let dog go first. Stairways this is most important for safety issues. I use "stop and wait" at every corner when on a walk, also goes great with a sit but not crucuial to sit. I had a client on my Yelp give a reveiw and said she used "stop and wait" when her little pomeranin ran out and he did. This is not guarenteed, a dog is a animal and a mind of their own, it is helpful to have something better than nothing in a dangerous situation. The more you use "stop and wait" and the dog gets it, then put a long lead without distractions , let them roam and then random shout "stop and wait" and try to get dog to wait till you approach , unless you are giving a "come" cue. When people are walking by I always use "left side or right side " then stop and wait . Reason for this? Well, one you dont know who is afraid of dogs, kids and adults both can be, also it gives the dogs a sense of those walking on two legs get respect as if they are leaders. The dog will start to naturally after a while just go to one side or the other moving out of the way on their own , just like they would if packleaders are walking in their path they automatically move to give respect. You will get a lot of smiles, thank you's and what a good dog, shouldnt that be how the walk is, as calm as possible and respectful... : ) Good luck ! Peace Angie "Doggie's" Ade

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, Why Is It Important?

by Angie Ade on 03/28/13

Dog walking and Pet Sitting, Why Is It Important?  by Angie Ade

Ok, lets start with what is a dog? Well its a animal first and has it's set ways of how it acts as a animal. Animals are not humans and react to different stimulus and some qualitys are the same as humans such as attention, exercise, needing to be fed and watered and a safe place to live and sleep, shade in the heat and warmth in the cool. Animals are also unperdictable just as humans are, they have their own minds, their own moods. So we established that, now we can see them as a dog. A dog is a pack animal, what does this mean? There is packleaders and pack followers. Usually 2 packleaders to 5 pack followers, these numbers can change. A pack NEEDS eachother to survive, socialize, bond, keep safe, hunt, eat and have babys to raise in their pecking order, even down to potty time. This means that the pack followers need a pack leader to tell them what direction to take, to stay away from other animals or things in the enviroment to keep them safe, when to rest , hunt and eat. So, this is it, humans are the packleader of their dog and should be established from the start in ALL things. So owning a dog does'nt mean you just leave them to their own defense because they won't know how to handle that responsibility. In turn when they have no direction and left alone a lot of the time, you will find your dog could develope social anxiety's like attacking other dogs, chewing, barking, potty in the house, seperation anxiety and so forth, due to bordem and no direction. Dogs are people pleasers and want to be good for their owners, I promise they arent crazy and can easily be turned around once the leadership is in place. Dogs should always be invited for everything, basically like a two year old child and that is till the day they part from us. Why do I say dog walking and pet sitting are important ? for so many reasons. A lot of dog walkers and petsitters know small amounts of training just from their own experiences and also can be your dogs companion while you are away. Your dog gets a good walk, can be in a socializing situation and gets plenty of attention in your place while you are gone. This helps with a lot of their distructive behaviors because now they have a schedual, exercise, socialized and bonding time, also someone is there to give direction. It is essential to find someone with references and that you can trust to be in your home and alone with your dog. Watch for interaction with dog and walker or pet sitter, see if it is a right fit for ALL of you, because this will help your dog to become better. If you feel comfortable, walker or pet sitter is comfortable, well then your dog too will also trust and feel comfortable. I never suggest a free range kennel, unless it is a good one and there is a trainer at hand or people watching the dogs at all times. Dog fights can break out and now your dog is learning other bad behaviors or worse. Some dogs do great in these situations and never have a problem , just check it out before leaving your dog and make suree it can get along in that enviroment. Pet sitters are great, because either they go to your home or take the dog back to their place. This gives the dog a sense of being home and help relax them and also the owner, the attention is individual and they get what they would at their own home. The dogs I take in when owners drop them off, they just walk right in , look for toys and go about their business because they understand it is like a second home and when dogs need to be seperated, each dog gets time with me as a rotation, walks, play, bonding , food and water, and also nap times which are very important, too. Now, you see why I say it is important? The dog walker or petsitter is there in place of you when you can't be there for your dog, this helps bring confidence and security to your dog and it wont need to misbehave to get attention or sooth it's loneliness. Choose wisely and Good Luck!

Peace Angie

Doggie's Ade Dog Diary

by Angie Ade on 03/28/13

What a great week, very smooth ... I had Chachi nd Howie for Day Care which is going really good. They are learning on our walks not bark at people, other dogs , and bikes. They have to "turn around" "leave it" and "focus" on me. People walking by its either "left or right side" then "stop and wait" they can sniff around their area , just cant bark at the people and it gives respect to those walking by , showing the dogs that anything on two legs has the authority to walk as they choose. Also I had Dewy whom I have once a week for walks , the little dog with a big attitude , lol. 

Then Chubbs is with me again for a month of walks , my hero , been training, walking, petsitting him for almost 5 years, crazy! 

 Then Dicky was a emergency walk, owner was getting home late yesterday and called for a quick walk : )Love my "Fatty Pants"

Doggie's Dog Diary ; ) March 21, 2013

by Angie Ade on 03/21/13

Well, this week had some fun with Miss Sandy, she gets pet sit and I work on her issues. They arent much, excitment around other dogs and jumping. She is refreshing on "leave it" and "off" when she is with me. Also learning 5 sec time outs from play sometimes 20 sec, learning limitations so not to end up in fight when enough is enough.

 I have these three on a weekly bases, Dewey is a Jack Russel who was aggressive and attacked women puting on his lead, we took about two months and sometimes hrs ... Now we are BFF's I can hear him before I get to the door : ) Chaci and Howie, hmmm? Well Chachi is learning no barking at dogs and people on the walk, and Howie too.. Everyone is doing great and socializing beautifully : ) YAY!

When Dogs Don't Get Along With Other Dogs

by Angie Ade on 03/13/13

Ever wonder what makes a dog not like other dogs? I hear it all the time" my dogs dont get along and are always fighting", "my dog goes crazy on walks when it see's another dog" " my dogs are in attack mode when they see another dog while in the car, its hard to drive anywhere ". Does this sound familiar? Well I kinda have the same question, sometimes we dont know because they may not show any signs before a aggression takes place. If this happens look at ALL the facts first to avoid confrontation next time:

1. if at home , was there any food around and are the bowls still out after eating, 

2. was there a toy around or that you may have forgotten but your dog didnt 

3. was there any mounting which is dominate behavior and feeding and breeding are the two most aggressive times for survival. 

4. is space too small so dog may feel threaten.

5.  was one dog not leaving the other alone despite body language or growling and displaying warnings to other dog 

These are some things to think about and if these are triggers than your responsibility as a pack leader is to avoid these stresses so there is peace. Also to note, you can watch the body language of the one who attacks before a attack happens and correct it immediatly before the outburst happens, so given that... if you know your dogs dont get along but for a small amount of time , then allow that socialization to take place with limits. Limits are time, play, and attention, limit time they spend together and always have a eye on them so you can correct and keep the peace. Don't allow any food, toys or rough play during any time spent together. Walk them together this is a part of a pack thing they do and mentally keeps them focused, dont allow them to be too close , this can result in a fight for space. You may also have to resort in separation at times they cannot be watched. Sometimes just like people dogs will develop a dislike usually as I have notice it's after a fight , a dominate dog, fear or elderly, that cannot be comforted by any means, and in order to keep both safe , separation is last resort.

On the walk it could be many things that make your dog aggressive... Dog could of had a history of fighting, allowed to walk ahead and wherever it wants, allowing dog to mark every ten steps, insecure and feels threaten on leash, no rules or boundries. Also let me clarify , it can be the other dogs energy who is approaching and its handlers reaction, are they getting pulled by their dog when they see you, is dog allowed to do what they want, can the other owner handle the dog they have. As soon as you see this its best to avoid because this can result quickly into a confrontation, best not to socialize at that point. Dont allow dog to mark, give 3 spots for potty and sniffing on a 45 min walk, unless elderly then let them do what they want. Make dog "sit and wait" or "wait"  at every corner, this help in who has the control and safety in this situation, which it should be you as pack leader, of course. Don't make dog excited before leaving, no more in a excited voice "wanna go for a walk". Make dog "sit and wait" and "off" before putting on lead, "stop and wait" before leaving. there are many different ways to treat these issues, it takes time and patience and isnt a over night solution, some are but the majority can take weeks , months or even years ....Good Luck ! Peace Angie

Is Nap Time Really Necessary?

by Angie Ade on 03/05/13

In my experience, I have to say yes and a little down time is good for everyone (dog and human ). Since one of my clients own's a deaf dog "we" have learned together that dogs typically dont get enough rest... She had developed a schedual and now I go by it too, with my other dogs. I typically dont start my day out of home until 12pm so nap time works out great because I'm usually gone no longer than 4hrs out of the home. It makes for a calmer dog as long as the dog has exercise, play, food and some love , Definitly naps never hurt and can benefit you and your dog in so many ways. Nap time puts your dog on a regular schedual and dogs should be on a schedual, they need to always know what they are doing next just like a 2yr old child. So what happens when a child is off it's schedual? Well, I know that answer because I raised two of them and let me tell you it isnt a good day : ( A lot of bickering, whiny, crying and acting out, correct? Same with a dog, if it doesnt have a schedual then typically you get a misbehaved dog, going potty in the house, tearing things up, barking a lot , fighting and so forth. So here is a little schedual that maybe you can follow and see how your dog is , Good luck and if any help is needed just write a email and let me know what I can do for you ....I wish you and your dog the best : )

Doggie Schedual

 For nap put dog in crate and cover or small comfortable quiet space where they can feel secure to deep sleep. If dog can have a treat, treat them upon leaving, they will get this is a good thing and will be more willing then not to go nap.

6-7 am quick walk about 15 min for potty then eats

10 am 15 min potty walk, play, train

12pm 1/2 hr walk , the put down for nap

4pm 1/2 hr walk, dinner

of course you play, train or whatever you want during these next hours till 9pm : )

9pm 15-20 min potty walk, to bed

You dont have to be perfect on this schedual , work it around your time 5 walks a day 3 short 2 long and dont forget the nap in between .


Adopting A Pet

by Angie Ade on 02/21/13

People of the human race please listen .... if your at my site then you obviously are looking for a trainer, right? and some dont have a dog yet and are considering getting one, right? Trainers are an assest to your pets wellbeing when picking the right trainer, we are your coach into the life and mind of your dog... So when wanting to adopt a dog take a trainer with you to help you in choosing the right pet for you if you are unsure about what to look for . This will help in long term costs and also any danger to family or others . Please be a smart dog parent , look at the breed, what its training skills are, is this breed good for family or just one owner , ask questions about the dog you are to adopt and call a trainer to help . Happy findings for all !

Things you need for your New Puppy

by Angie Ade on 02/18/13

When bringing a new puppy home there are things that you need ...

1. crate- this is for crate training , helpful in potty training and a quiet retreat for you and your pup:)

2. potty pads- I use this method in the begining then take pup outside once they have established the paper

3.chew toys for sharp teeth and toys that can withstand chewing, also bullie sticks or small raw hides, take up shoes, pillows and anything you do not want chewed...

4. a good collar and leash - I use a Martingale collar and a lead that has to hoops to handle dog close if need to have by my side- small dogs leashes dont usually have 2 hoops...

Have fun and enjoy your new puppy, I use Natural Balance soft treats that can break into small pieces so as not to over fill pup .

A New Dog

by Angie Ade on 02/14/13

When choosing a dog , choose one that suits your familys needs. If your family is non active maybe choosing a more docile dog that doesnt need much attention or exercise and just happy to be your companion such as a Basset Hound, French Bulldog, even some Rottweilers I have trained are kinda chill too... If your family needs are a more active dog then I suggest, Pit Bull, Labrador , Australian Shepard ..

Upon chosing a dog from rescue or pound, choose one that the tail is up BUT not straight up and stiff body , more in a happy way , comes to you with no fear.doesnt back away when approached, and you can get it attention quickly... Freindly with other dogs and works well with family and other pets ... If any training is needed I am here to help : )

This Blog is for you to ask questions any time Thx for joining Peace Angie


Why make a dog "Sit-n-Wait"?

by Angie Ade on 12/15/11

Sit-n-Wait is a very important command for safety and working your dog. Teaching the dog to stop at every curb and sit-n-wait lets the dog know he/she can't move till you say it is time, they arent allowed to go and play till you say or eat. These are all limits and boundries and they are learning to respect them both....

This page was last updated: December 18, 2014
Dewey and his great transformation in 2 months and many pain staking hours and help with a fellow trainer Latty..... You can see this fur baby is very stressed out in the beginning, licking, looking side eye and ready to attack because of insecurity and now we are BFF'S! Im so excited ! Dec-Feb 2013 official rehabilitation worked :)
Great Job Dewey !
What dog's want ? They want a stable, patient , loving,  Pack Leader with rules and discipline,  exercise and affection ! Ask your dog ... Just saying lol
MMA  Shayna Baszler and  Jessayman Duke seeked out my assistance over the phone for their pup Isis... Long story short Isis was not properly socialized with other dogs , previous owners ... So with that ... well... you know ...Isis couldnt look at another dog in a crate , she'd attack the crate ...she'd see a dog on the walk and it was done deal ...She snapped at me on occassions ... Crazy Isis !!!! Are you serious? Excuse me, miss child with fur that walks on all fours ...Animal forgot who shae was , dog forgot who she was and just being Isis... needing leadership!I worked isis with Prong collar and Remote Basic Collar ...( not at the same time ) . She now has been around other dogs and progress is increasing ... GREAT! They just texed and said Isis needs a visit :) Always here to help , fur sure !..... Great dog ! 

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